About my Tutorials:

One of the reasons I started this blog/website was because I hated the massive disconnect between newbies and experienced computer geeks (online & in forums, or offline). Geeks assume yo ! u know what they mean when they talk in lingo or computer language, and newbies usually get so confused and overwhelmed that they just quit their attempt at learning something new, and go back to newbie jail. Therefore, much of this site features tutorials that attempt to be as thorough and newbie friendly as possible.

For more info on this site visit https://nerd-tech.net/about. Thank you for your patience and understanding

A list of Tutorials Published Tutorials by Nerd-Tech

    1. How to automate mining Z-Cash, in a suprnova.cc pool, running MAC OS High Sierra on your hackintosh with an Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU
    2. How to prepare, create, secure, organize and futureproof your children’s digital identity and assets in the modern age!
    3. How to automatically unlock your Mac with your iPhone using touch ID or proximity detection.


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